Dear ENA 12 students,

These instructions are for the ENA 12 in the first period. You should use this site to complete the second part of your course independently. You will have two options: either practice your writing skills with Etälukio (provided by the National Board of Education) or practice your reading and listening skills with the help of various news sites. You must hand in your assignments in order to pass this course. So please hand in both the matriculation tests and your essays/summaries.

A. Writing skills

Assignment: Do half a course according to the instructions on the Etälukio site. Write four essays and a self-assessment on each.

- A narrative or a descriptive essay (Kertova tai kuvaileva aine)

- A letter (Kirje)

- An argumentative essay (Kantaa ottava aine tai Erittelevä aine)

- A speech (Puhe)

Here is a video by James to remind you of the importance of a good intro. There are more videos on essay writing on ENA 4 site.

B. Reading and listening skills

Assignment: Find an article dealing with

1) Climate change

2) Science or technology

3) Human rights, refugees, war or famine

4) Religion or faith (other than Christianism)

and write a summary of each of them in Finnish (about 100 words each). Remember to write the name and source of the original article to your summary so that I can track down and read the original as well.

You can use for example these sites:

Tips and revision for exams




With best regards,