Dear students of ENA4,

On this page you will find links and videos that I think would be useful for you and are somehow related to the contents of our course.

Do not forget to visit, however, as that is where you will find exercises focusing on vocabulary and grammar of your study books.

Grammar help and exercises:

Theme: Relationships, Society

Information on social benefits in Finland

Information on public services in Finland

Theme: Religion

What about church-goers in Finland? Have a look at the BBC newsclip Churches in Finland experience an exodus of membership

Text 2 The plain truth

- A BBC documentary about the Amish at

- Witness trailer at

Text 4 - In a sunburned country

Documentary of the stolen generation (Australian Aborigines)

Theme: Crime and punishment

Text 5 - Such is life

Theme: Traffic

Text 8 - the write stuff

Easy educational videos:
An end to traffic jams?
Motorcycle diaries



Theme: Society and Politics

Text 9 - Inside information: Presenting Finnish society

Finland ranked as the world's best country:

Finland's political system by Ministry for foreign affairs of Finland:
A list of political parties in Finland by wikipedia:

Theme: Writing skills

Teachers like Rebecca below have excellent English language teaching videos and I warmly recommend you watch as many of them as possible.

During your second year at upper secondary school you will be writing more than you did in your first year. Here is a video by Mike Mitchell which reminds you on the principles of essay writing:

And this is how Mr Davies does it. Here are his five steps to writing:

And finally, tips on listening and understanding by James: